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The Pound has appreciated to a 19 month high against the Euro and towards recent highs against the US Dollar following the release of minutes from the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) April meeting. The minutes showed that the nine member MPC voted 8-1 in favour of keeping the Bank’s Quantitative Easing Asset Purchase Programme (QE) on hold at its current level of £325bn, with only David Miles voting for a £25bn expansion. At the previous meeting in March, two members David Miles and Adam Posen had voted for a £25bn expansion, the defection of Adam Posen to voting for no change to QE, coupled with yesterday’s higher than expected UK Consumer Price Index inflation data has reined in expectations of further QE from the Bank of England. As previously discussed, aggressive QE from the Bank of England has posed a significant threat to the value of the Pound. As this threat recedes, the Pound has appreciated.

Currency Matters can offer a number of products which can help you plan your future currency requirements. By using a Forward Contract it is possible to purchase currency today at a guaranteed exchange rate for settlement at a later date. A small deposit is required to secure a Forward Contract with the balance due by the agreed future value date.

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11:30 18/04/12