US Debt Deal: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Congress finally managed to reach an agreement yesterday evening regarding an increase to the federal debt limit and a short term budget which will reopen the government and send furloughed workers back to work. Despite Congress having left passing a bill to the very last minute, as has become a common occurrence in recent years, judging by market reaction, investors did not seem too phased despite a plunge back into global economic crisis being potentially imminent.

Following the aversion of what could have been the beginning of a truly global crisis – the first US default in over 200 years – very little changed in the markets. Equity markets remained rather quiet as did the FX market, especially when taking into consideration the enormity of the catastrophe that could have materialised had an agreement not been reached. The dollar rose slightly in the build-up to Congress reaching a deal with GBP/USD falling to a daily low of 1.5893 just after 17:00 yesterday, however the greenback has pared its gains this morning with cable rising to a daily high of 1.6092 and similarly EUR/USD reaching 1.3637 so far this morning after having fallen as low as 1.3472 yesterday.