Euro Talks

Euro Talks Calendar
Monday: Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel meet to try and agree a plan for tighter eurozone controls
Italian PM Mario Monti seeks parliamentary approval for his austerity package
Ireland’s government begins to unveil details of its proposed austerity budget
Tuesday: US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner arrives in Germany before travelling to France and Italy for talks with euro leaders
Wednesday: The talking continues as many EU leaders gather in Marseille for a European People’s Party congress
Thursday: ECB’s monthly policy meeting could produce new measures
Thursday and Friday: Crucial EU summit in Brussels to consider Sarkozy-Merkel plan

Today the Pound has traded between 1.1623 and 1.1669 against the Euro and between 1.5589 and 1.5667 against the US Dollar. The Euro currently trades at 1.3450 against the US Dollar.

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05/12/11 14:18